Will You Spray my Yard for Mosquitoes?

A Closer Look at the District's Residential Mosquito Service


The District does not spray or fog residential yards for adult mosquitoes.

Since mosquito problems are rarely limited to a single property, fogging for adult mosquitoes is usually conducted at a neighborhood level. 

Because three of the four stages of mosquitoes live in water, it's usually more efficient and effective to control immature mosquitoes when they are still in their water source. That's why early stage mosquito control makes up the majority of the District's mosquito control program.

Providing a sample of a swatted mosquito and scheduling an inspection will help our technician to determine which of the 23 mosquito species in Contra Costa County are present and help him identify the probable source.
As a public health agency, the District's mission is to prevent vectors through an integrated vector management program. Vectors are insects and animals that can cause harm or spread disease. On private properties, that means:
  • We educate the public to dump or drain standing water to prevent mosquitoes before they become flying, biting adult mosquitoes.
  • We provide free mosquitofish to county residents and businesses for use in private ponds, horse troughs, rain barrels, and neglected swimming pools and spas. 
  • We provide free inspections on private properties to identify mosquito issues.
  • In some cases, District employees will treat water sources like neglected swimming pools or spas. This is a different application from spraying or fogging for adult mosquitoes. 
Every backyard can produce mosquitoes. Mosquito control is in our hands and your hands. By working together, we can all protect public health.

June 5, 2017

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