2013 Mosquito Bytes Newsletters

The online Mosquito Bytes Newsletter is published monthly, and is chock-full of helpful information and feature stories pertaining to what the District does daily to protect public health, how residents can protect themselves from the insects and animals that can transmit disease, as well as preventative measures that can be taken to ensure the people of Contra Costa County live an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle.

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Rats & Mice in Vehicles Can Cause Fires & Accidents

District Vehicles Sport New Graphics

New Vector Calendar Tool

New Disease Increases Risk of Tick-Borne Illness

"Keep Me Wild" to Discourage Rats and Mice

Are We Fogging on Your Street

New Mosquitoes are on the Move


Window Screens Simple but Critical Tool to Combat WNV

Mosquito Myths Debunked

Overwatering Increases Risk of West Nile Virus

New Mosquito Species Poses More Serious Threat than WNV

Brown Recluse Spider: Deadly Threat or Urban Legend?

Walnut Creek Woman Survives WNV

Seeing Spots? It Could be Bee Poop

Mosquito and Look-a-likes ID


Mosquito Research Foundation

We Need Cans for Mosquitofish

Dead Birds Predict WNV Location

Time to Play Ball - and Bring out the Repellent

The Mosquitoes are Back: Now What?

Experts Unite at Annual Mosquito Conference

An Unwelcome Sign of Spring

How to Prevent the Skunk Mating Dance

Five Things to Do Now