2011 Mosquito Bytes Newsletters

The online Mosquito Bytes Newsletter is published monthly, and is chock-full of helpful information and feature stories pertaining to what the District does daily to protect public health, how residents can protect themselves from the insects and animals that can transmit disease, as well as preventative measures that can be taken to ensure the people of Contra Costa County live an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle.

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No issue

Dengue Fever Threat is Here

Fall is the Time for Ticks

Mosquito Control Matters

Call to Action: Fwd this Newsletter

Should We Worry About WNV?

Dead Bird Reports Key to Finding West Nile Virus

Late Rains Create Field Mice Invasion in Contra Costa


A Bumper Crop of Yellowjackets

Mosquitofish: A Mainstay of Modern Mosquito Control

Striking Footage: Mosquito Control Matters

CA Roach Fish Program Shows Potential

Backyard Containers and Neglected Swimming Pools

Living with Yellowjackets

Illegal Dumping Creates Public Health Issues

The Myths, The Facts: The Crane Fly


The Health Risks of "The Big One"

When is a Yellowjacket a Yellowjacket?

Happy 84th Birthday to Us!

2011: Worst Tick Season Ever?

Help Locate West Nile Virus

Act Now to Keep Dogs Healthy from Heartworm

Emerging Diseases of Tomorrow

Report Neglected Pools Online!

How do Mosquitoes Find Me?

Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

The Rhythmic War on Rats