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Should I Use Bait or Traps to Control Rats and Mice?

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Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus

Old Mosquito-Borne Illness Returns Will You Spray my Yard for Mosquitoes?


Are there More Mosquitoes This Year?


When Will Spraying for Mosquitoes Start in Contra Costa? How Will Rain Affect Mosquito Populations?
Should I Worry About Mosquitoes in Wintertime? How to Control Mosquitoes Trapped in Home Drainage Systems Which Neglected Pool Produces More Mosquitoes? Rain Barrels, Gutters, & Mosquitoes Is It Safe To Eat Chickens/Eggs from WNV Areas?
What Does Beer Have to Do With Mosquito Bites? How Rising Temps are Impacting WNV Season Mosquito Q & A Horses Susceptible to WNV What is Zika Virus and Should We Be Concerned?
Clogged Rain Gutters Hide Mosquitoes Mosquitoes Get Early Wake-Up Call Save Rainwater - Not Mosquitoes California's Worst Year for West Nile Virus Mosquitoes Imagine an America Without Mosquito Control
Dead Men Tell No Tales, But Dead Birds Do WNV & Mosquito & Vector Control Awareness Week Water Conservation Can Create Mosquito Risk Why Drought Years Can Increase the Risk of Mosquito-Borne Illness Are We Fogging on Your Street?
New Mosquitoes are on the Move Window Screens Simple but Critical Tool Against WNV Mosquito Myths Debunked Overwatering Increases the Risk of West Nile Virus New Mosquito Species Poses a More serious Threat of Disease
Walnut Creek Woman Survives West Nile Virus Is it a Mosquito or Not? That is the Question Mosquito Research Foundation The Science Behind Mosquito Control Time to Play Ball and Bring the Repellent
Experts Unite at Annual Mosquito Conference An Unwelcome Sign of Spring 2012's Record-Setting West Nile Season Ends Goats Fight in the War Against West Nile Virus 2012 Aggressive West Nile Virus Season
Wooden Pool Covers Create Public Health Risk Please Don't Destroy our Mosquito Traps District Honored with Two Awards for "Mosquito Control Matters" Video Spike in Stealing at Cemeteries Increases Risk of Mosquitoes When Boats and Water Don't Mix
Entomologist Endures 15k Bites Each Year to Sustain Colony For Science New NPDES Pesticide Requlations Cost Mosquito Control Districts $$$ and Manpower Threat of Dengue Fever in California is Here Should We Worry About West Nile Virus? Dead Bird Reports Key to Finding West Nile Virus
Mosquito Control Matters Video Debuts Backyard Sources Rival Neglected Swimming Pools to Produce Mosquitoes Mosquitoes Under our Feet Mosquito Capable of Rift Valley Fever Transmission Tree Hole Mosquitoes Signal Spring
Veterans of the War Against West Nile Virus Where Do Mosquitoes Go in Winter? Mosquitoes in the Mist: Why Do We Use Mosquito Adulticide? Will the Drought Contribute to WNV? How Fall Impacts Mosquito Control
The Myths, the Facts: the Crane Fly Nature's Containers      

Mosquitofish and Fisheries Research Articles

I Just Picked Up Mosquitofish? Where Can I Place Them? How Many Mosquitofish Do I Need? Trader Joe's Helps Protect Public Health with Can Donations CA Agencies Act to Save Fish From Endangered List Mosquitofish Need Your Help
Mosquitofish a Mainstay of Modern Mosquito Control California Roach Fish Under the Microscope: New Mosquito-Fighting Fish Mosquitofish Program and the Search for Native Fish in Mosquito Control  

Rats and Mice Articles

Should I Use Bait or Traps to Control Rats and Mice? 14 Surefire Ways to Attract Rats to your Property A Crash Course on Rat Control Targets Neighborhoods Simple Tips to Help Deny Rats Entry Rats & Mice in Vehicles Can Cause Fires & Accidents
"Keep Me Wild" to Discourage Rats and Mice Time to Harvest the Garden Leftovers The CSI of Rat & Mouse Control Late Rains Create Field Mice Invasion in Contra Costa County Illegal Dumping Creates Public Health Issues
Why Sweeping & Vacuuming Droppings can be Hazardous Free Resources Help Contra Costa Residents Put Rats on the Run The Rhythmic War on Rats    

Skunk Articles

Why Are There So Many Skunks Right Now? Is there a Skunk on my Property? Unusual Weather Prompts Early Mating Season Skunks and the Mating Dance: First Comes Love and Then Comes - Dens on Your Property How to Prevent the Skunk Mating Dance in Your Yard
Unwelcome Winter Guests Simple Steps to Protect Your Home from Unwanted Holiday Guests Breaking the Cycle of Skunks on your Property    

Yellowjacket and Bee Articles

Unprecedented Year for Yellowjackets Why So Many Yellowjackets Right Now? Are Killer Bees Really "Killer?" 5 Must-Do-Now Steps to Prevent Yellowjacket Nests It's Time to Prevent Yellowjackets
Seeing Spots? It Could Be Bee Poop Spring has Sprung and So Have Yellowjackets A Bumper Crop of Yellowjackets Reducing the Springtime Sting of Yellowjackets When is a Yellowjacket not a Yellowjacket?

Tick Articles

Don't Fall Victim to Lyme Disease Increased Risk of New Tick-Borne Disease in CA Ticks Are Bountiful in Fall & Winter Months 14 Things To Know About Ticks

Other Vector Articles

Should I Build a Bat House to Help Control Mosquitoes? Are Bats a Secret Weapon in Mosquito Control? Should You Worry About Brown Recluse Spiders? Rabies in Contra Costa County Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
Mites: Hitchhikers of the Insect World        

Other Public Health Articles

La Nina Forecast Prompts Warning of Potential Invasion Is Ebola a Risk in Contra Costa County? Health Risks of, "The Big One"

"About our District" Articles

New General Manager Takes the Helm Branded Tools Point to Public Health Protection A Day in the Life of a Vector Control Inspector Pt. II A Day in the Life of a Vector Control Inspector Pt. I Ask the District
You're Invited to a Coffee Chat New Vector Calendar Tells You: Is it Mosquito Season or Time for Ticks? Now You See Us - Now You Do New NPDES Pesticide Requlations Cost Mosquito Control Districts $$$ and Manpower  

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